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General Approaches to Electional Astrology 1 Making chart as positive as possible overall based on fundamental astrological rules. We usually do 1, while also paying attention to general significator and house of topic. Some ventures involve multiple houses, can be tough to make everything great at once. Optimize the good things, and try to minimize the bad or challenging things. There are no perfect charts.

Electional Astrology Consultations

Electional is the art of learning how to prioritize what is most important. June 1 — August 15, Between AM and PM. The more restrictions, the harder it is for you the astrologer. Fewer options. The fewer restrictions, the more work, because there are too many options. Only consider elections that fall within your available time frame. Anything outside of your available time frame does not matter. Ignore it. The challenge and skill of electional is learning how to make the best of what you have.

The Ruler of the Ascendant Ruler of the Ascendant and Moon are two most important factors in any election In our approach these two must be well-placed. The Ascendant, 1st house, and ruler of 1st represent the one who initiates the action. Primary planet that represents what was started at the inception of the venture. That which emerges or is born at that moment.

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We use whole sign houses , and traditional rulerships. Ensure that the ruler of the Ascendant is well-placed in your electional chart. Dignified by sign domicile, exaltation, or mutual reception, ideally. Angular or in a good house that aspects the Ascendant. Aspected by benefics Venus and Jupiter. Free from hard aspects from malefics Mars and Saturn. Applying aspects indicate the future, separating aspects the past. The Moon The Moon is the second most important significator in any electional chart.

It acts as a general significator for the election as a whole. Ensure that the Moon is well-placed in the chart.

In a good sign and house. Ruler of the Moon also in a good house.


Old rule that Moon indicates the beginning, but the ruler the outcome. Applying to benefics. Not applying to hard aspects with malefics. Angular Houses Planets in angular houses are more prominent and active in your electional chart. Emphasize benefics by making them more angular Minimize malefics, by making them less angular. Angular here means by whole sign house primarily, and secondarily by quadrant house.

Whole signs for topics primarily, and quadrant houses for activity. Use sect to identify most positive and negative planets. Most positive planet by day: Jupiter, most negative: Mars Most positive planet by night: Venus, most negative: Saturn Really emphasize the most positive planet as much as possible. Angular planets are most prominent in chart.

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Electional Astrology: Business

Indicate the present, that which persists. Succedent houses next most prominent, indicate the future. Cadent houses least prominent, indicate the past. Mitigate planets that are poorly placed in cadent or bad houses. An aspect to the degree of an angle within 3 degrees, or to an angular planet. General Planetary Significator of the Election If there is a planet generally associated with the topic, also make sure it is good.

Venus for marriages, Mercury for communication. We tend to place more emphasis on the particular rather than general significators. Making general significators well-placed by sign can take much longer range planning. Comparison with Natal Chart The electional chart acts as a permanent transit to your natal chart. Make sure that these are good transits that you can live with.

We recommend finding a few possible elections, then use the natal chart as a tiebreaker. Use sect to identify natal transits to emphasize or avoid. Emphasize Jupiter and avoid close Mars transits for natal day charts. Emphasize Venus and avoid close Saturn transits for natal night charts. In the natal chart you focus on many of the same things as sensitive factors. The Ascendant, 1st house, and ruler of the Ascendant The Moon, especially by night, or the Sun by day.

The other angular houses. The house that matches the topic of the election e. Arguments exist about starting with the election or the natal chart first discussed in ep 2. No one really ignores natal chart. Just a matter of exactly how much weight given to natal transits vs.

As people who do a lot of electional, we find it makes sense to start most of time with the elections, and then incorporate the natal. This makes sense partially from a workflow standpoint because it is difficult and time consuming to find good electional charts. In most instances you are not working with a very broad or ideal time frame where you can do a lot to control things like outer planet transits. This is why it often makes more sense to focus on the electional chart first. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Email. Filed Under: Episodes Tagged With: applying vs separating aspects , Auspicious Elections Podcast , Dorotheus of Sidon , electional astrology , Fate , free will , inception charts , mitigations , Moon , ruler of the Ascendant.

Comments Amy says. Set the ascendant in your electional chart so that its ruler is one of the planets that you selected earlier that is dignified and not afflicted. Whatever the strongest planet is in your electional chart, make sure that you make that planet the ruler of the ascendant. An important conceptual rule in electional astrology that goes back to the earliest strata of the tradition is that applying aspects indicate the future, while separating aspects indicate the past.

This was originally a large part of the reason why applying and separating aspects were noted and paid close attention to in horoscopic astrology, and it is the reason why this consideration is still noted by many modern chart calculation programs today. Conceptually it makes sense because applying aspects indicate that two planets are literally moving towards each other, while separating aspects indicate that they are literally moving away from each other, or at least they are relative to completing an exact aspect with one another.

The practical implications of this consideration are that the separating aspects in any electional or inception chart will describe the circumstances that led up to the election, while the applying aspects will indicate subsequent developments relative to the election once it has begun. Ideally you want the important planets in your electional chart, such as the ruler of the ascendant, to be applying to exact aspects with the benefics, Jupiter and Venus. This will indicate the expansion and stabilization of your election in the future.

At the very least, try to avoid having the important planets in your electional chart applying to the malefics, as this will often lead to strife and failure with respect to your election in the future. Of course, its possible that you may very well wish to set up an election to fail at some point, in which case you would want your planets applying to the malefics, although I am outlining this list under the assumption that you are looking for tips on how to select an auspicious electional chart that will bode well for the future of a specific endeavor. If you must have some of your planets configured to the malefics in your electional chart, at least try to make it so that they are separating from exact aspects with them.

This is a corollary of the previous consideration, although it bears emphasizing because of the important status of the Moon in electional astrology. In electional astrology, as well as in horary for that matter, the Moon is only second in importance to the ruler of the ascendant in the chart. That is to say, the Moon is extremely important, so make sure that she is just as well-placed as the ruler of the ascendant, if not better.

Electional astrology - detailed explanations, a practical approach

Because the Moon is the fastest moving of all of the bodies, she will alternate between applying and separating aspects more frequently than any of the other planets. Her applying aspects as especially important because of her special status in electional astrology though, so make sure that she is either applying to benefics or to neutral planets such as Mercury.

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Since the Moon moves so quickly she has a special orb of 13 degrees for applying and separating aspects, which is approximately her average daily motion.