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This union is not auspicious for the attributes of Mercury; however, Mars lord of sixth and eleventh house is gaining support from both the planets Mercury as well as the Sun. The second house of her Lagna Chart is occupied by Venus which is also a friendly planet for Gemini Ascendant. The aspectual influence of Saturn another friendly planet for Gemini Ascendant which is exalted in fifth house is good; thus, putting some not complete check on the inauspicious influence of Ketu on Venus as well as second house.

Lord of second house Moon is also well placed in fourth house of her Lagna Chart. This horoscope belongs to a male person born in Kanya Lagna Virgo Ascendant. He did love marriage with a girl belonging to very modest family; and, therefore, no significant improvement in finance and wealth was there.

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The wife is working though, as such Jupiter lord of seventh house is occupying its own sign in seventh house of his Lagna Chart; and, Venus as significator for wife is in third house of Lagna Chart under aspect of Jupiter. The financial support from wife is, however, very modest too i. The second house of his Lagna Chart is occupied by Rahu devoid of any auspicious planetary influences; and, therefore, the relevant traits of second house financial gains through marriage may remain volatile and disturbed.

The lord of second house, Venus, is in third house and coming under inauspicious aspect of Mars occupying ninth house of his Lagna Chart. The aspect from Jupiter on Venus offered some limited advantage only very moderate income of wife ; while, the results of relevant traits significant or good financial gains through marriage remained significantly disturbed. In this example horoscope, the Lagna lord Mercury is afflicted by Ketu and debilitated Mars in second house.

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Moon, the lord of second house, is making a friendly union with Jupiter lord of seventh house which is occupying its own rashi in seventh house of his Lagna Chart. In addition to this, some advantage in terms of financial gain may also be there for Mars due to its lordship over eleventh house.

7th House (Spouse) Indications in Vedic Astrology - Introduction to Vedic Astrology Course 31/52

That is, strong financial gains through marriage were not there due to cruel influences of Mars and Ketu on the second house ; but, the relevant good disposition of the Moon lord of second house , aspect of Saturn on the union of Mercury with Ketu and Mars, and, lordship of Mars on eleventh house still generated some average or just above average results in terms of financial gains through marriage.

In his example horoscope, Jupiter is occupying its own sign in second house somewhat similar to example horoscope 2 of Joan Kennedy. However, Jupiter is also under cruel aspect of Saturn exalted in twelfth house of his Lagna Chart.

In addition to this, the lord of seventh house, Venus, which also rules over twelfth house of his Lagna Chart is debilitated in eleventh house and coming under cruel aspect of Rahu occupying seventh house of his Lagna Chart. The placement of debilitated Venus in eleventh house under aspect of Rahu is diluting the potential of financial gains; while, the aspect of Saturn on Jupiter is generating disturbance and obstructions for Jupiter. The native is married in a moderate family which is comparatively better than his own family; while, the wife is not working.

Therefore, all relevant factors are to be taken into consideration to derive the conclusion.


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The role of Navamsha division is also important in this regard. Like, in example horoscope one Deborah Compagnoni , Venus is occupying tenth house under aspects from Jupiter and exalted Saturn in Navamsha which is further adding to the potency of second house of her Lagna Chart. The many hues of relating, from harmony to life-or-death power struggles, are expressed here. Astrologer Kevin B. Burk calls it the "guest room" and notes that we might not realize it's part of us—part of the whole chart.

That's when the phenomenon of projection happens, when you draw people to you that have traits you're less visible with. You might have to ponder the kinds of people that you tend to meet, and look for patterns.

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The First House is about identity, and across the wheel, the Seventh shapes your identity in a relationship. Both are angular houses, which means they're forward leaning and have an impact. Planets here affect relationships, whether they're conventional or break the mold. If Uranus is here, for example, you might have some unusual set-up, like each having your own room.

With Jupiter here, your beloved opens you up to far-flung worlds, cultures, and horizons. You're generous with others and inspire them to reach for what's calling their heart and soul.

You like to remind others of possibilities, so they don't stay in a narrow groove. Seventh house is the house of marriage and commitments, as well as business partnerships as many have known. Where the 1 st house is the Ascendant house, 7 th house is the house of husband and wife, the Descendant house. Where 1 st house represents Sunrise, 7 th house represents Sunset. All types of long term relationships can be seen here as partnerships and commitments.

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This is a one-to-one relationship where a couple or business partner pair complements each other in marriage or business. This is your house of love and passion with a sexual nature. Any planets in the 7 th house have a sexual nature.