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He constantly send emails that I don't reply but now I will , saying NO. It is easy for people to believe in Astrologers, because they WANT to believe, but good things in life comes because a lot of effort and big quantities of love. That is all. I am warning people not to give their credit card details to this site. I live in New Zealand. I'm confused about your fees.

Your website has no contact number for any issues related to the service provided. Weather you are really trying to help someone, it's a disservice to manipulate customers in total costs. I was concerned about what was on it, and stupid me called a phycic line.

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I dont know how in the world they got any personal information about my family and what they are like, hoe they act, good or bad but it darn near cost me my job and my family, not to mention there are no "laws" in astroligy only leads to committing crimes that was never meant to exist. Be aware of Cecilia, she kept emailing me for a while and I really though she would help me with financial crisis as she promised on her emails, but what she sent me after a few days was a computerised, fake and worse ever report.

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I emailed her back straight away and asked for refund but she asking for more money. Hi all please be aware, that if you are not happy with provided materials you will never get refund. Adrian promised me to help to find out my life purpose and many other promises, but instead he send me useless advises suitable for anybody to brain wash.

He is practising the money extortion from naive people who belives he is genuine one on recomendations made by his own staff. I paid only for 3 months of Transit period to test him. I totally disappointed, I ask refund money, but he and his staff pretend to be deaf to my request. They should know that dishonestly made money will not bring them wealth. I had a reading from Adrian Ross Duncan about a year ago and it was the worst reading I ever had. He was condescending, judgemental, and extremely arrogant.

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When I played back his recording to other fellow astrologers they were in awe of his lack of professionalism. It's hard to believe that he continues to practice in this way, I can't imagine him getting a lot of repeat business with such demeaning tactics. After sharing my experience, others who knew of him remarked about how he didn't much care for female clients and that he did better working with men.

I have to be honest, I've never heard of a sexist astrologer but apparently they do exist. I have had a computerised report from Adrian Ross Duncan and it is very obviously fake. If he allows these reports to come out in his name then he is not doing himself any favours - trust is a fragile thing. I also visited his site and was not able to relate in anyway to the readings. I love Oscar and Jonathan Cainers site as I think what they post is spot on, however I would not pay for reports anymore from them as these are also computerised and vague - no where near as patronising though. Any astrologer or Tarot reader who offers a free introductory reading to the whole Internet is fake.

That includes TrustedTarot.

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Supposedly "she" shuffles her cards "once a day. When you give your email address, emails come begging for "donations" in small amounts even before you get your "free reading. Thanks Sylviasky for your help with defining the best astrology site's,after reading your article's I now get it we all have a bright and dark side. Excellent article, and thank you for clearing up what is going on woth Adrian Duncan. I am a serious student of astrology and a huge fan of Adrian Ross Duncan whose software I have used for years.

His interpretations are excellent. I had been wondering what was up with him using that fake astrology answers thing! The tone of it was so completely off, not like him at all! He is among the best in the business. If you are new to astrology and have never had a reading, one of his reports can be quite meaningful.


Just remember to preface each paragraph with:"this factor, considered in isolation, tends to have the following effect. As the writer explains, only a live person can do the synthesis. With that in mind, Adrian's chapter on Moon square Saturn made me cry. That good. Also, his chapters on Mars, with the added sexual dimension, is superb.

And he hits the nail on the head quite often with mundane astrology. Go to adtro wow and see what he had to say anout Donald and Hilary. She keeps asking me for more money and claims she's had vision about me and my name appeared to her in the sky. Now I payed Adrian Ross Duncan. He dose give me a reading. But his reading always simple and the more you want to know yourself the more you have to pay. I'm feeling I get hooked. Guys don't come to him unless you are millionaire. Wondering is there some astrologists are not greedy and real? So far I still haven't receive anything.

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All she send to me is the outline and I'm feeling she is a cheater. How can I get my payment back. So far I don't get her response. Is she disappeared? Please see this article with my email conversation with Adrian Ross Duncan about this very concern. So many people asked about him I finally contacted him:.

Do you have any idea if Adrian Ross Duncan is fake? He is asking me to buy his books, but I'm not sure if I should. Cecilia is fake. See the terms of service that call her readings "for entertainment only. What do you think about exceptional Ron. The older guy with white grey hair. My partner is involved with him and had already spent money on a 6 months reading over email.

Hi Sylvia. Thanks for all the info on 'real' astrologers. I just watched the video of Adrian Ross Duncan - seems to be legitimate.

Should I pay for a reading on-line as opposed to seeing him in person??? Or is it just a waste of time and money? Would appreciate your views Thanks in advance. The free reading is so general it can apply to most people. She says things such as "you are a good friend" and "love is important to you," and "you're not always happy," and so on. Is Victoria fake from astrology answers. She just gave me a free reading and I can't find information on her anywhere. But it was pretty accurate. Or so I thought. Adrian Ross Duncan is a legitimate astrologer who allows his name to be used on emails and reports from AstrologyAnswers.

He wrote the software that generates that site's computerized reports. All sites that offer and send you a more or less "instant" report are computerized. If you want a non-computerized horoscope, find an astrologer you can meet in person, one who will not barrage you with computerized emails, and pay the professional rate.

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Adrian Ross Duncan keeps sending me emails. From what I have read above, it doesn't seem like he is legitimate because he is using computerized astrological reports and astrology software. Don't you agree? Update on Adrian Ross Duncan: He's a genuine astrologer selling computerized astrological reports and astrology software. He has his own site, world-of-wisdom.

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After submitting your dates you will have to wait a few days! That is to say, if you were aligned with the potential shown by your birth chart…". And of course you are not aligned, as this is what it says no matter what you have submitted. And to set your life straight you have to sign up long term…. AstrologyAnswers has two Adrians, both designated "Adrian D.

Only the female gives personal "readings.